GDA to introduce ITZs for promoting tourism



Galliyat Development Authority (GDA) vowed for introducing the model of Integrated Tourism Zones (ITZs) in Hizaraz’s fascinating picnic points ‘Thandiani Galliyat’ with innovation to integrate all services at one place for attracting the more tourism in the region.
Integrated Tourism Zones (ITZs) was new concept of modern tourism, which followed by provincial government of Khber Pakyunkwa (KP) for launching modern idea of one window operation and one stop shop to evolve and integrate the all services and facilities under one place to modernize the tourism infrastructure in
GDA coverage areas, Galiyat Development Authority (GDA) Raza Ali Habib told here on Sunday. Director General, GDA said Provincial government of KPK has approved five major Integrated Tourism Zones (ITZs) including each one in Thandiani Galliyat, district Mansehra, District Chitral and also two more ITZs for Swat region to modernize the tourism infrastructure in the region.
Raza said after the completion of mega project of Thandiani ITZs, the tourism activities in Galliyat region would be promoted and huge employment opportunities also creates for local people to grow the local economy. He said Thandiani Tourist Zone (TTZ) would seek huge attraction for the international investor, where they can invest truism infrastructure, hospitality and other areas.
He said through the new master plan, GDA have also strategy to promote the concept of education and health tourism to give new concept for investment promotion and new employment opportunities for the local people according to the vision of the PTI government.—APP

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