GB to computerize land reforms and land records preparation


Gilgit-Baltistan will update and computerize Reforms and Land Records Preparation, officials have said. Chief Secretary Gilgit Baltistan (CSGB) Muhiudeen Wani presided over a meeting to decide further actions for proceeding with swift Updation, and Computerization of Land Reforms and Land Records Preparation.

A MoU between Govt of GB and Govt of Punjab (Board of Revenue) shall be signed within one week. This MoU is aimed to help GB move on for swift updation and computerization of the land records. Among other help, the Government of Punjab shall extend technical cooperation, and give exposure visits and training to the GB officials.

The GB Board of Revenue has drafted Land Reforms Act which shall be presented in seminars all across the GB for discussions and consensus building. Wider public consultations shall be held involving all stakeholders. Commissioners shall hold these seminars forthwith.

A consensus draft of the law shall be presented to the Cabinet and GBLA for promulgation. Settlement records of unsettled districts shall be prepared and records of the settled districts shall be updated on a war footing.

Land records of all districts including lands developed by the ETI project shall be digitized through a specialized team. Consultant team for this purpose shall include a multi-pronged experienced HR with wide experience in digitization and land records preparation.

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