Gathering held in Herat to promote ethnic unity



A gathering was held in the western province of Herat to promote national unity among Afghan ethnic groups.

The gathering was attended by dozens of religious clerics from the western province, as well as officials from the Islamic Emirate.

“The political issues should be solved by the political professionals, and medical problems should be solved by the doctors,” said Mohammad Isa Seraj, head of Badghis intelligence.

“To ensure peace and humanity, we have not committed any negligence,” said Rahmatullah Jaber, deputy head of the intelligence of Herat.

Herat’s Governor, Noor Ahmad Islamjar, said that the government should give preferential treatment by ethnicity and tribe, and that skills and quality should be considered in appointments.

“If we distribute the posts of departments and ministries under the name of tribes, we will never succeed,” he said.

The participants urged the caretaker government to provide job opportunities for educated youth.

“The Afghan youth should be hired in government departments,” said Ihsanullah, a resident of Herat.

“Every tribe has the right to serve this country,” said Bismillah Noorzai, a resident of Herat.

The Islamic Emirate’s officials in the western province also expressed optimisms that the government would be inclusive.

Despite 15 months passing since the Islamic Emirate swept into power, no country has yet to recognize its caretaker government.—Tolonews