Gas crisis worsens


Owing to the national gas shortage as soon as wintery winds started blowing, people across the country have started facing difficulties in continuing daily activities such as cooking and heating water and other items, says in media reports.

Children are forced to leave home for school without having breakfast, because mothers cannot even make a toast. On returning back of children, mothers are unable to serve them food – as the low gas pressure makes it impossible to cook food within required time. Hence, the residents are forced to buy food from shops which is budding a huge burden of their pockets.

According to the petroleum division, the number of gas consumers in Pakistan have exceeded 10 million. The gas demand for these consumers has increased by 60 Million Metric Cubic Feet per Day (MMFCD) in 2022, to 6,945 MMFCD.

The reason behind gas shortage is the high demand and low supply, forcing the gas suppliers to cut off the supply compulsorily at multiple times of the day.INP