Gardezi inaugurates fruit, vegetable market in Kallar Syedan


Minister for Agriculture, Punjab Syed Hussain Jahanian Gardezi inaugurated a private model fruit and vegetable market in Tehsil Kallar Syedan district Rawalpindi.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister said that this model vegetable and fruit market will not only give the farmers of Tehsil Kallar Syedan but also other areas of Rawalpindi as well as farmers of different areas of Kashmir an opportunity to sell their agricultural products at reasonable prices.

There was a dire need for a model market in this area as it is surrounded by hilly and semi-hilly areas and farmers had to travel to far-flung areas to sell their agricultural produce.

The establishment of this market will also reduce the freight costs of the farmers of this area.

He further said that the Government of Punjab is deploying all resources to improve the system of agricultural markets along with development in other sectors of agriculture.

All arrangements have been made to keep agricultural markets free from illegal encroachments and market fee schedule, commission and daily rates are being displayed at prominent places in model markets.

After the implementation of the PAMRA Act, the system of agricultural markets is being developed on modern lines, benefiting all the stakeholders. So far, more than 100 new markets have been established under the Public Private Partnership so that the farmers are directly benefited and the role of the middleman can be limited.

Farmers get reasonable compensation for their labor. Apart from this, standard sanitation arrangements have been made in model markets across the province and prices are being fixed on the basis of daily auction.

On this occasion, Director Agriculture (Extension) Division Syed Shahid Iftikhar Bukhari while speaking said that the establishment of model fruit and vegetable market in this area like in other areas of Punjab will not only benefit the farmers but also increase employment opportunities.

The agriculture of this area will be strengthened and the trend of growing vegetables and fruits will be promoted. He further said that the services of Punjab Agriculture Minister for the development of agriculture in Punjab are commendable. Chaudhry Bilal Chakhtai, Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ahmad, and Mian Muhammad Zia-ul- Mustafa were also present on this occasion.