G-20 event in IIOJK a deep rooted conspiracy: Gulzar



In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, All Parties Hurriyat Conference Senior Vice Chairman Ghulam Ahmed Gulzar has said that Kashmir is an internationally recognized dispute and holding of G-20 event in this disputed territory is flagrant violation of the United Nations charter and international law.

Ghulam Ahmed Gulzar in a statement issued in Srinagar said it is a deep-rooted conspiracy to mis-lead the world community about the real situation of Kashmir. India by holding such events in Kashmir is trying to hide its crimes from world view and create an impression that everything is normal in Kashmir, he added.

He said those countries who have firm belief in supremacy of human rights must boycott the event. Those countries who ignore human rights issues and prefer economic benefits must remember that they are siding with an oppressor who is hell bent to trample humanity under its jackboots, he said, adding G-20 countries must remember that India has occupied Kashmir on the basis of military might against the will of the people.

Ghulam Ahmed Gulzar said India is not a de-mocratic country but a colonial power that has de-prived the Kashmiris of all basic rights. India has foisted its one million trigger-happy troops on hap-less Kashmiris and has turned Kashmir into the most militarized region of the world, he maintained.

He said G-20 countries must ask India why it has deployed half of its troops in Kashmir and hoped that civilized countries would hold India accountable for crimes which its forces were committing in Kashmir. He also hoped that these countries would not buy malicious propaganda from India regarding the Kashmir dispute.

Ghulam Ahmed Gulzar termed the recent state-ment of the Director General of Inter Services Public Relations as encouraging and said Pakistan’s consistent support to Kashmir freedom movement is a source of solace and strength for Kashmiris.—KMS