Furniture exporters asked to focus on Chinese markets


The Pakistan Furniture Council has urged the local exporters for further vigorously tapping Chinese market potentials besides focusing on improving quality of their products at par with international standards on top priority.

Chief Executive Officer PFC Mian Kashif Ashfaq, while talking to a delegation of exporters led by Ishtiaq Ahmad Motianwali Sarkar here Sunday he said the recent upward trend in exports to China was encouraging.

He said China is the second largest export destination for Pakistan and government had been making all out efforts to further boost exports to China by promoting industrialization in the country, providing special subsidies to the business community and working closely with the Chinese government and enterprises to get know how about Chinese market requirements.

He said the trade between the two countries has made significant progress as both export and import volumes are on the rise. This is a testament to China’s commitment to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in the limelight, he added.

He said the trade and commerce volumes signify that China wants to provide unconditional support to Pakistan and import more from it in order to uplift its economy, he added. He said China will continue to support Pakistan for a long time to come as Islamabad values unconditional support from Beijing. He said Pak exporters must encash this opportunity.

Mian Kashif Ashfaq said among major items traded between the two countries, volumes of electronics, textiles, seafood,leather products and agricultural products have gone up on a year-on-year basis.—APP


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