Fundamental rights, sacrifices of workers need recognition: Ibrahim


The Labour Day on May 1 is celebrated to value the hard work and continuous struggle of our workers, UMT President Ibrahim Hasan Murad has stated.

Employees, workers and labourers are the fuel that runs an organization. “While our nation has made tremendous progress, we have been unable to provide the basic necessities of life to the underprivileged,” Murad said on the eve of the World Labour Day.

He said that according to statistics compiled in 2019 by the World Bank, about 689 million people around the world lived in extreme poverty, on less than Rs 356 a day.

The UMT President added that the world could not achieve sustainable development goals and real peace without developing the underprivileged communities, as there is a need to address the core issues of our workforce to take the road to prosperity and harmony.

The Constitution of Pakistan also ensured the provision of rights to labourers, he said.

Murad called on the stakeholders to guarantee the rights of the marginalized, as it was the only way to benefit the future generations and bring harmony and stability to the world. He urged organizational heads to ensure cordial association between the employer and the employees.

“National progress will remain a dream without ensuring a healthy and prosperous workforce.

My message on the Labour Day is to appreciate the value of hard work, for nothing is impossible if hard work and consistency are at play” Murad concluded.

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