Fuel prices spike in Kabul markets


Fuel prices have risen in Kabul’s markets. Some fuel sellers say that each week the price of fuel has risen ten Afghanis per liter.

The increase of the value of the dollar against the Afghani in the last two days has had a negative effect on the price of fuel and gas in the country’s markets.

According to those selling fuel, the rise in the value of the dollar against the Afghani and the increase in world fuel prices are the two reasons for the rise in fuel prices in Kabul’s markets.

“The fuel comes from Iran. Fuel prices have risen in the global market. The war between Ukraine and Russia has caused the prices of fuel to rise,” said Abdul Marouf, an employee of the one of the fuel tanks in Kaul.

“One of the reasons for the high price of fuel is the rising value of the dollar against Afghan currency,” said Ajmal Nader Safi, deputy head of the Merchants’ Union in the port of Hairatan.

Meanwhile, some drivers in the capital say that the increase in fuel prices has significantly reduced their income.

“The price of fuel is rising day by day. It’s not just fuel. The price of everything has risen. There is no work,” said Ajmal, the driver.

But the Chamber of Commerce and Investments (ACCI) said traders have difficulty transferring money to buy fuel abroad.

“Remittances are very difficult. By remittances, we buy fuel. For every one hundred thousand afghanis, there is a commission of three and a half to four thousand afghanis, which is also a problem,” said Khan Jan Alokozai, a board member of ACCI.

Afghanistan imports most of its fuel and gas from Central Asia and Iran, and Afghanistan has fewer problems importing fuel and gas from Russia and Central Asia than other countries.

Meanwhile, the price of fuel has dropped in the capital city of Kabul as imports have increased.

According to some gas stations, the price of fuel dropped by 10 Afs this week compared to the last week.

“A few days ago, the price of oil increased and the price of the (US) dollar as well. The paths were closed and the fuel was not imported,” said Rahm Khuda, a worker at a gas station in the capital city.

The Chamber of Commerce and Investment head, Mohammad Younus Mohmand, said that a huge amount of fuel has recently been imported from the Central Asian states and neighboring Iran which caused a reduction in the price of oil.

“It depends on demands products and demands of the market. The fuel has surged in the markets. The traders attempted to import a lot of fuel to Afghanistan,” said

The residents of Kabul are happy about the drop in the price of fuel but said that the taxi and public transportation’s rent must decrease as well.

“The price of fuel has dropped. But the rent of taxis and public transportations is still high,” said Ghulam Shah, a resident of Kabul.—Tolonews

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