Fuel price, taxi fares spike in Kabul


With a significant spike in the price of fuel, taxi fares has seen a significant increase in capital Kabul. The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI) cited the surge in the price of oil in international markets and problems with money transfers overseas as the reasons for the spikes in the price of oil.

“The banking issue is a general issue and we hope the transfer of money overseas is facilitated as soon as possible because the traders need to transfer money abroad for imports,” said Mohammad Younus Momand, the acting head of ACCI.

The price of oil has significantly increased in the past week. Kabul residents complained that the surge in taxi fare is a result of the increase in oil prices.

“The taxi rent used to be 30 Afs but is now 40 Afs,” said Amanullah, a resident of Kabul.

“Both the people and the drivers have a problem, so now who can overcome it?” asked Obaidullah, a resident of Kabul. The price of one liter diesel is 100 Afs. Last week, the price of one liter of diesel was around 90 Afs.

Taxi drivers say that the high prices of fuel have affected their business.

“I put in fuel at a price of 850 Afs. We earn from 300 to 400 and that is also being spent on the repairs,” said Zabiullah, a driver. Afghanistan imports oil from Central Asian nations and Iran.—Tolo news


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