FSC chairman knows our problems and resolving them efficiently: Fishermen


No chairmen have ever resolved the basic problems of fishermen as the present FSC chief Abdul Berr in the last 30 years. We salute him as he has addressed the problems of fishermen on priority basis by understanding them as his own. These views were expressed by the representatives of various fishermen organisations from all over Karachi who called on Chairman Fishermen’s Cooperative Society Abdul Berr at his office on Monday. According to details, Chairman Union Council KhadaLyari Amjad Apa along with his colleagues called on the FSC chairman and thanked him for resolving the long standing and fundamental water issue of KhadaLyari expeditiously. Amjad Apa said Abdul Berr has solved the problems of the fishing areas on priority basis and proved that he is the real leader and chairman of the fishermen. Breaking the record of the last 30 years, Amjad Apa further said, the FSC chief has silenced the untoward elements by resolving the record problems of the fishermen. The fishermen fully support of their Chairman Abdul Berr. Haji Suleiman Marri Wala and Pir Mohammad Pero along with their colleagues also met Chairman Abdul Berr along with a delegation and thanked him for resolving other basic issues, including repairing the damaged bus and building and renovating the mosque. The leaders of Karachi Fishermen’s Party said that by resolving the basic problems of the fishermen, the FSC chief have proved that he is our chairman and our real leader. “Praise for you come from the hearts of the fishermen. May Allah bless you with more successes and accomplishments.” Other fishermen leaders, including Farooq Baloch of Main Jamaat and Shahid Sameja of Kachhi Fisherman Jamaat Baba Island also met Abdul Berr and thanking him for resolving their long -standing issues on priority basis. “You are not only the chairman of the Fishermen’s Cooperative Society but also the Messiah and true leader of the poor fishermen,” they viewed. The fishermen present in large numbers at Karachi Fish Harbour chanted slogans in sheer jubilation in favour of Chairman FSC Abdul Berr .