From Pulwama to Balakot; a gist of indian lies 

India has a long track record of dramatizing false-flag operations against Pakistan on the justification that there are terrorist safe havens in Jammu & Kashmir from which terror affiliates cross the Line of Control into Indian occupied Kashmir. However, there is a perception among the general public that the Indian establishment and government are using the surgical strikes phenomenon as a means of quelling public outrage, and that such events are typically carried out whenever India is holding elections or when Indian authorities want to divert public opinion in their direction.
According to media reports, an individual named Adil Ahmad Dar, with the help of local Kashmiris in IIOJK killed 40 members of the Indian CPRF in a car bombing in Pulwama on February 14, 2019. A report in the Kashmir Times of Sept 10, 2017, had reported that one terrorist named Adil Ahmad Dar had been arrested. Was this the same Adil Ahmad Dar who carried out the suicide attack or was there another Adil Ahmad Dar? If this was another Adil then the police in IIOJK should be able to say that the man arrested in 2017 is still in their custody and let him be interviewed. If, on the other hand, he is the same man who was arrested in 2017, one has to ascertain why he was released and why he was not under constant surveillance?
“The Wire” exposed Modi government’s sinister design to blame Pakistan for the attack by revealing WhatsApp chats between Indian anchor Arnab Goswami and former BARC CEO Partho Dasgupta, Ignoring the embarrassment of the past, the obstinate Indian government followed lead of the false flag operation and crossed Line of Control in the middle of the night to drop their payload without damaging anything. Indian Air Force, through careful manoeuvres, delivered weapons from a standoff range of 40 kilometres which damaged 15 pine trees. According to Indian media, IAF crossed the international border and allegedly killed at least 300 terrorists. If that is so, how come there no video footage of the attack?
The Pakistan Air Force replied promptly and so successfully a day after the Indian blunder that it astounded the entire Indian defence establishment. In order to avoid striking Indian defence facilities, Pakistan air force precisely targeted the specified targets. In an intense air-to-air combat, Pakistan Air Force downed 2 Indian Mig-21 fighter jets and one of the Indian Air Force Pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan was apprehended after falling from the downed fighter jet. Operation Swift Resort
demonstrated the professionalism of the Pakistan Air Force and the vulnerabilities of Indian military while also exhibiting PAF’s capability to attack any Indian military installation in IIOJK.
The Pakistani response further puzzled the Indian forces, who then attacked their own Mi-17 helicopter near Budgam. Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria, the Indian Air Chief Marshal, admitted that the miscalculation was significant. In order to erase this shame, the Indian Air Force said that they had shot down a Pakistani F-16 during the aerial battle on February 27. The assertion was false, as usual, and was refuted by American forces on the ground in Pakistan after an F-16 count showed that no jet was missing despite India’s attempts to deceive the world community. Even Indian specialists publicly expressed scepticism during Televised debates over the F-16 being shot down by a Mig-21. Even Pakistan’s biggest critic Dr Christine Fair said at a literature festival that no Pakistani F-16 was shot down. Hence, these claims and counter claims exposed Modi governments frustration, lies and deceit.
On one hand, the surgical strike was touted as a great success and declared as a ‘new norm’, while on the other hand, Indians senior leadership including PM Modi blamed their failure on the non-availability of aircrafts like Rafale, which according to them would have changed the entire outcome of the incident. Likewise, Indian claim that Wing Commander Abhinandan shot down PAF’s F-16 with a R-73 missile was also unmasked as the wreckage showed that both of the missiles were still attached to its launcher.
The only goal of the Balakot attack was to put Pakistan and its institutions in the spotlight and humiliate them in front of the international community. Nevertheless, the endeavour was a total failure. In addition to this, India also gave Pakistan a threat of missile attack on the 27th and 38th February by deploying surface to surface missile which ironically ended up being de-escalated.
It is noteworthy that during the 2019 election, Modi made Balakot airstrikes as one of the foremost topics for the election campaign. This is evident from the fact that on 9th April, 2019, while addressing a rally in Maharashtra, Modi said: “Can your first vote be dedicated to those who carried out the air strike?” Furthermore, the EU DisInfo Lab revealed 15 years of Indian propaganda campaigns against Pakistan. The Balakot incident and the discussion that followed on Indian and international media were all a part of the same campaign. This proves that Modi’s regime is willing to risk a catastrophic war in the region in order to further its own petty political objectives of winning an election.
The United Kingdom has confirmed Modi’s involvement in the Gujrat Riots of 2004 in a BBC documentary. Modi’s role in the massacre of Muslims has also been verified by the US State Department and RSS. The BJP under Modi has irreparably wrecked India’s social fabric by inciting anti-minority and religious intolerance as well as the Hindutva extremist ideologies.
Modi has now started to censor dissenting voices by back-mailing and buying journalists and media outlets. Such examples include Gautam Adani’s takeover of NDTV, the BBC documentary being blocked on Twitter and YouTube, and raids on BBC officers. India under Nehru was secular, but the BJP has turned it into a nation where minorities are oppressed.
India hegemonic war mongering attitude is a threat to regional security and stability.
Because of the existing nuclear deterrence with both the countries, India must get rid of its misadventures because any such misadventure will result in a hard hitting response which this region and especially India cannot afford. Indian media with its continuous fake war mongering sensationalism is dragging its country towards a dead end where there will be no point of return. Sadly, this hyper insensitive media is supported by Narendra Modi’s fascist and aggressive regime.