From Afghanistan toIndia, gentleness required


ACCORDING to the Khaama Press News Agency (KPNA) different Taliban groups have called on international health and rights organizations to seriously consider the condition of prisons and the prisoners inAfghanistan with particular reference to the spreading Corona pandemic. They have warned that the Corona Virus is threatening at least 40,000 prisoners across Afghanistan. Luckily Afghanistan is still among the few countrieswhich are facing a comparatively low rate of Corona Virus cases but there are chances of gettingthe situation serious asthe country doesn’t have the required resources to counter this brutal pandemic. Najmusama Shefajo, an obstetrician-gynecologist said in a recent statement, “A doctor or a nurse may be able to buy some hand sanitizers and gloves for their homes, but we have hospitals in Kabul that don’t even have clean water for doctors to wash their hands.” Shefajo further said that if doctors lack the supplies to guarantee their own hygiene, it will be impossible for patients to place their trust in them. In short the situation in the war-torn Afghanistan would certainly become a serious threat if precautionary measures are not taken in time. Afghanistan being a mountainous area mostly comprises scattered population. Moreover, the women in that society usually remain confined to their houses. There are very less probabilities of spreading this contagious disease as the Afghan society is already a ‘social distance ‘observing society but the prisons and the prisoners are, however, a serious threat. Unfortunately the Ashraf Ghani government is not trying to understand the situation. It seems adamant on not releasing the prisoners in spite of the peace-deal signed withtheUnited Stateslatelastmonth. Experts on regional affairs are of the opinion that the stubborn attitude of theAshraf Ghani government would simply push this already troubled region into another hell; the hell of corona. It is an old saying that ‘forces of nature are always hostile to man’. Man could never defeat these hostile forces but with wisdom, unity and determination. Unfortunate arethose who get no lesson from such type of calamities and disasters. In civilized world such indifference to the rage and wrath of hostile forces of nature is called selfishness. The selfishness shown by Ashraf Ghani government is being demonstrated by the Modi Sarkar also in the Occupied Kashmir and Kashmir region. According to various newspapers and TV channels, the Modi Sarkar has recently approved a new ‘Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Order 2020’, no doubt an Order which would make the lives of the local people more painful and agonizing. Commonly this new order is known as the New Domicile Order also.According to this Order all Indians, who have resided for a period of 15 years in the occupied region or have studied for a period of seven years and appeared in Class 10/12 examinations there, would be eligible for domicile of the valley. In other words those who fulfill the new criteria will become permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir. The logic behind implementation of this new law is simple to benefit the children of Indian officials, who have served in the valley for a total period of 10 years. Most of them would be certainly from the IndianArmy and other security forces. Here the timing chosen for the implementation of this law is also noticeable; because of the Corona disaster, the helpless people of Kashmir are already in serious trouble. In short, Modi and Ashraf Ghani, both are treating their own people with the same cruel selfish behaviour. Corona pandemic must be an eye-opener to all those who are misguided by the notion that there would be no decline to their authority and influence. Epidemics never spare anyone on the basis of status and rank. This horrible calamity is as dangerous forAshraf Ghani and Narendra Modi as it is for the distressed people of Jammu and Kashmir and for those who are behind the bars in Afghan jails. This is the time we all must express kindness and compassion for everyone around us. The death toll from Corona Virus is rapidly increasing. Experts on the matter are of the opinion that this disaster could wipe-off millions of people from the planet.Muslims or Christians, Hindus or the Jews; this pandemic is going to spare no one. The only way to defeat this horrible epidemic is to stay united and face it with all possible courage and determination keeping away all differences on the basis of religion, region and political divide. Iran is also a country which needs international sympathy at this critical time. Under the instruction and pressure of the western countries, so many sanctions and restrictions have been imposed on Iran. In the larger interest of the world peace and prosperity, all these sanctions must be lifted up as soon as possible so that the Iranis could do something to save their country from the hazards of Corona. —The writer isfreelance columnist based in Multan.

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