French envoy’s ouster decision to be taken by Parliament: Alvi


President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi has said that the government considering the Parliaments vote on resolution, would decide about the expulsion of French ambassador and relations with the Paris.

He said, “Although to set the foreign policy is prerogative of the government, but Parliament can move its recommendations regarding any foreign policy matter while it is responsibility of the government to look into the roadmap Parliament sets regarding matter of issue of the French envoy’s expulsion from Pakistan over the publication of blasphemous caricatures.”

Pakistan’s President Dr Arif Alvi expressed these views here in an exclusive interview with special correspondent of Voice of America Ali Furqan.

He said that the resolution has been tabled in the Parliament as it was the forum which represents the public being a democratic country.

Replying to a question that either the government will remove French ambassador or not after approval of the Parliament, he responded, “It is too earlier to comment over this as the matter is yet under debate in the parliament,” adding that some definite remarks could be passed afterwards.

President Alvi said the resolution to expel French envoy is move in the parliament to reflect the feelings of people on the caricatures issue and government will look into the matter if resolution passed by the house.

However, he contended that the Prime Minster Imran Khan of the view that the decision to remove the French envoy would not in the favor of the country.

Pakistan’s President further said that its time when the peace is global requirement, adding that the violent protests in Pakistan by religious groups are the result of anti-Islam strategies in Europe, adding that the controversial policies of the Europe are making differences among different civilizations and religious sects.

Dr. Alvi said the islamophobia in Europe is putting civilizations towards confrontation and recent violent protests in Pakistan are because of Europe’s behavior on the sensitive issue which is near to every Muslim.—INP

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