Freelancing is a way to beat unemployment | By Rana Kanwal


Freelancing is a way to beat unemployment

UNEMPLOYMENT is one of the most serious social problems in Pakistan. Whenever a problem develops in any society, there is always more than one cause.

Certainly, there is more than one cause of unemployment. The main reasons for this are population inflation and lack of sources of employment.

While other reasons include bribery and recommendation, lack of seriousness of students, defects in academic standards, focus on obtaining a single certificate instead of preparing students for the future at the university level, focus on single book knowledge instead of applied knowledge, etc.

There are significant reasons. As a result of the rising unemployment rate, students and young graduates often seem anxious and worried about their future and ask various questions about their future.

I usually give students two pieces of advice. Students should read the blog they are reading not just for the sake of reading or just to memorize but to understand the blog and read it in the context of its practical application.

In our country, theoretical subjects are considered unnecessary or insignificant and this misunderstanding is found even among the teachers themselves.

The theory is actually a summary of the practical experience and research of others, which tells us what the subject is, how this knowledge originated, what its purpose is and how this knowledge can be put into practical use and application.

Therefore, students should read these blogs in this context and gain an understanding. Students should learn some skills along with teaching knowledge and then start working for themselves.

In Pakistan, summer in the plains and hot areas and winter in the cold and mountainous areas usually have two and a half to three months of vacation.

Most students usually graduate during this time, so this time can be spent on learning these skills.

There are various ways to learn these skills. Usually, during these holidays different universities and private institutes offer different types of courses, so these skills can be learned from these sources.

Another alternative is that different institutions also offer different courses online, so you can learn from home.

If a student does not have the financial means, then there is an abundance of material on almost all subjects on the Internet (YouTube) at this age, and one can also learn from there.

One practical piece of advice for those who learn from YouTube is to complete at least two different video series (sequential videos on a single course covering all topics from beginning to end) whenever they learn from YouTube.

The next important question is which skills to learn? In my opinion, the appropriate situation is that every student should learn the same skill which is in accordance with his education or degree.

In addition, I generally recommend students learn WordPress or graphic design. The 21st century is a digital age, in which their demand and use are relatively higher than other things, secondly these two courses do not even require prior computer knowledge.

Therefore, it is easy for students to learn them. Other skills like content writing or logo designing can also be learned.

Once students have completed a course and are convinced that they have learned, start freelancing from any freelancing platform, etc.

In addition to freelancing, projects can also be done with your relatives or acquaintances. The best way to start this project is to start with two or three friends working on a project together.

Because no matter how strong one’s inner belief may be, man learns and attains mastery only through practical work.

These tips can be applied not only to young people who are studying in universities but also to those who are unemployed or have a menial job.

Such individuals may set aside some time for this on a daily basis after their working hours, but students may also set aside some time for this learning process in addition to the winter and summer vacations.

The practical benefit for the students will be that they will continue to learn the skills along with the education and thus after completing the education they will also have practical experience with the certificate.

This experience will not only help them in getting a job but if they want to continue their own work they can easily and in a short time increase it further but also provide employment to other people.

—The writer is an Administrator in Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad.


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