Freedom spirit draped in Pakistan flag | By Sikandar Noorani 


Freedom spirit draped in Pakistan flag

WHEN veteran Kashmiri ideologue, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, breathed his last during prolong house arrest in his native town, Modi government and its self-style illegitimate administration headed by Lieutenant Governor in IIOJK had no appropriate option to deal with the situation.

It was not an ordinary routine death caused by old age diseases. Syed Ali Geelani was martyred during every moment of his imprisonment by the occupational Indian regime.

He was denied proper medical treatment, meetings with blood relatives even during last hours of his life and all legitimate fundamental rights entitled to political prisoners of any credible modern democracy. As a matter of fact, New Delhi never intended to grant universally acknowledged fundamental human rights to the residents of the occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir.

Though, Syed Ali Geelani’s removal from the front had always been a much desired incident for occupational regime but it never wanted him to be remembered as the most credible icon of Kashmiri freedom movement. It was this dictatorial intention which eventually led to the shameful act of forced burial.

In the dark hours of night, occupational Indian security forces forcibly snatched away the dead body of Syed Ali Geelani from his kins. Syed Ali Geelani wished in his will for burial in the graveyard of martyrs.

His will was denied! A curfew was imposed immediately after the death of Syed Ali Geelani to hinder the mass assemblies all across the occupied territory.

Tens of thousands of Kashmiris, who always worshipped him as a symbol of resistance, were not allowed to honour the legend in funeral prayers.

The most popular iconic leader of occupied Kashmir was forcibly buried unceremoniously by Indian forces.

It was not the end of the unwise acts on part of the occupational Indian regime! Later on, treason cases were filed against the family members of Syed Ali Geelani for draping the dead body in Pak flag and raising the pro-freedom slogans. New Delhi once again stood distinguished in its inhuman urge to expect.

Why Indian State could not afford a burial in Kashmir? Anyone can find the answer for this simple question just by having a glance at the history of Kashmiri freedom struggle. Pertinent answers may also be explored easily from the unprecedented marvellous struggle of Syed Ali Geelani.

Undoubtedly, freedom movement of Kashmir got a real spark from the exemplary conduct of Syed Ali Geelani. His one call was enough to put the Kashmir on strike in protest against Indian brutalities. He never minced his words while expressing affection with Pakistan and the two-nation theory.

New Delhi never felt comfortable with Syed Ali Geelani ‘s side and even long time back while being a parliamentarian his fiery but argumentative speeches kept jolting the Indian State’s fortress built on the basis of violence, fear and blatant lies.

He was one of those Kashmiri leaders who could not be trapped or lured in by the occupational regime. Imprisonment was the only option left with the unwise decision makers of New Delhi to break the will of Syed Ali Geelani.

Though, Syed Ali Geelani spent many years in imprisonment but his voice and vision kept penetrating in the hearts of oppressed Kashmiris.

While many so-called Kashmiri leaders enjoyed the perks of power corridor by aligning themselves with treacherous narratives of New Delhi, it was Syed Ali Geelani who actually created an impact on the masses by challenging India as an occupational regime.

Public response to his remarkable oratory was worth watching, especially whenever he referred ideological roots of Kashmiri freedom movement with creation of Pakistan.

Repeated declaration of Kashmir’s affection with Pakistan and Islam gradually made Syed Ali Geelani an undesired element for Indian occupational state.

His speeches and heart touching slogans became enormous challenge and effective counter narratives against Indian baseless rhetoric of declaring Kashmir as its integral part.

New Delhi felt the shock waves, whenever, Syed Ali Geelani demanded legitimate right to self-determination for Kashmir.

Dual faced hypocrite leaders always felt threatened while confronting Syed Ali Geellani’s uncompromising ideological stance. It was very easy for Syed Ali Geelani to extract countless facilities and perks merely by slightly twisting his stance on freedom struggle.

He chose the toughest path of resistance primarily to keep the flames of freedom alive and kept striking at the occupational regime with his unshakable resilience. Kashmiris all across the globe respected his commitment to the cause.

His words were always distinguished from the rest of the spiritless verbosity made by artificial non-committed leaders. There can be no second opinion on this aspect that Syed Ali Geelani was the strongest voice for Kashmir’s freedom in this era.

His prolonged imprisonment and unprecedented forced burial has been registered in the pages of history as the worst exposure of Indian brutal occupational methods.

Syed Ali Geelani’s call of freedom is echoing in the mountains of Kashmir. Dead body of a 92-year old Kashmiri freedom fighter has defeated the Indian occupational state.

Though, India snatched away the body of Syed Ali Geelani to avert the public funeral but it failed to capture the freedom spirit draped in Pakistani flag!

—The writer, a retired army officer, is contributing columnist, based in Islamabad.

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