France, Denmark extend assistance for flood affectees


Denmark sends US$1.5m, France sending rescue team, 200 tents and motor pumps

Zubair Qureshi

As the global aid continues to pour in, Denmark and France have announced to provide relief assistance for the flood-affected communities of Pakistan. The Danish government on the call of the United Nations and the Pakistani authorities’ is providing US$1.34 million (DKK 10 million) while the French government has decided to send a team of experts along with relief goods like tents, medicines, water pumps and hygiene equipment.

A special flight chartered by the Airbus Foundation is set to transport to Pakistan 83 very high-capacity motor pumps, 200 family tents as well as survival, hygiene and protection equipment, said an official of the French embassy while talking to Pakistan Observer on Thursday.

The plane will also transport civil security experts in particular doctors and nurses who will be deployed on site, in conjunction with the Pakistani authorities.

At the request of French President Emmanuel Macron, France is setting up an exceptional operation to provide emergency aid to the Pakistani population stricken by the consequences of the major floods currently affecting Pakistan, a statement by French embassy said.

In addition, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs will provide financial support to several French NGOs and the Pakistani Red Crescent, which provide aid to populations affected by the floods.

Denmark has also mobilized its funds to help the flood-affected people of Pakistan. According to the Danish embassy, Pakistan’s authorities and the UN had asked the outside world for urgent support to deal with the massive destruction and humanitarian needs, and Denmark’s contribution (of DKK 10 million) is already given to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

“We are seeing sad pictures right now from Pakistan as homes are being swept away by the flash floods, parents rescuing their children from the bodies of water, etc. The floods are yet another example that the most vulnerable are hit the hardest by climate change,” said Development Minister of Denmark Flemming Møller Mortensen in a statement.

Denmark continues to support climate efforts globally, and we lend a helping hand to UNHCR’s relief work in Pakistan, he said.

According to the Danish embassy in Islamabad, the Danish support to UNHCR will go to the relief work in Pakistan. UNHCR has so far provided emergency relief in the form of tents, tarpaulins, sanitary products, blankets and sleeping mats. Denmark supports the needs for continued emergency relief and protection of women and children in the affected areas.

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