Four of family injured in roof collapse

Adam Khan Wazir

Four members of the one family belonging to the Wazir Desi Khel tribe were injured when the ceiling of the room collapsed in the Wana area of spin South Waziristan at around 3 pm last night, including three small children and a boy.

According to the report, all of them belong to the area of Wana tehsil, Spin, including Sumya Bibi, father of Hazrat Hussain, Umyya Bibi, father of Hazrat Hussain, Kalimullah, father of Hazrat Hussain, and Sayed Noor, father of Noor Uddin resident, from Spin.

On the other hand, due to non-availability of facilities at the District Headquarter Hospital, Wana, the injured were shifted to a private clinic, where their treatment is ongoing.

When the MS of the hospital was asked about this, he replied that the work has started in DHQ Hospital wana

It will take two months to make them fully functional, then facilities will be available for patients in the hospital.

In this regard, Hazrat Hussain Wazir Desi Khel, the father of the affected children, while describing his plea to the media, said that I do not have money for the treatment of these children.


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