Four kids sold shortly after death of father

Our Correspondent

In a shocking revelation Friday, a 17-year-old claimed his paternal aunt sold, including himself, four of five siblings to Lahore buyer(s) soon after their father died two years ago.

One Adeel, 17-year-old now, says he spent two years of life in slavery when their aunt sold them in Lahore after she lured them in to travel for work.

He just made his way back to his hometown Khanpur, however, he has not shared any whereabouts of his other siblings also sold back then.

There were a 13-year-old Sunil, 10-year-old Adil and a 15-year-old Almiza amongst the victims sold to buyers in Lahore. Soon after our father died in 2016 our mother also abandoned us due to her compromised mental condition, said Adeel.

Meanwhile, separately from Lahore, the medico-legal report to ascertain sexual assault allegations in Gujjarpura gang-rape case confirmed Thursday the two girls were gang-raped. According to police, the DNA samples of the accused that were sent to the forensic lab have matched with those collected from victims.

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