Four cops booked for torturing to death man in custody

Raza Naqvi

Four police officials including station house officer of Fatehjang police station in Attock district were booked and arrested for torturing a man during custody.

Police arrested Yasir Shah- a robbery suspect along with his three other companions after a brief shoot out in Galli Jageer near Dhurnal in Fatehjang police station limits in the early hours of Tuesday.

Later all the suspects were shifted to undisclosed location for “interrogation” where the station house officer Sub Inspector Saqib Abbassi along with his three other subordinates identified as constables Rasheed Ahmed, Fateh Alam and Mohammad Sajjad subject the suspect “third degree” torture and during serve torture he succumbed to injuries.

When the body was handed over to his family for burial violent torture marks on all parts of the body even secret parts.

The body has holes which seem that some drill machine was utilized during custody over the suspect.

When the family members of the suspect have protested over the serve torture marks, police conduct autopsy at tehsil headquarters hospital Fatehjang which has confirmed the torture upon which police registered a case against the nominated police officials under section 302 and 34 Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

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