Former Chinese ambassador lauds Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts on Kashmir


China’s former defence attache in South Asian countries, Cheng Xizhong has said that Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts on Kashmir issue have achieved remarkable results.
In an article published in Chinese media outlets, Cheng Xizhong said the entire international community, including the United Nations, has realised that if the Kashmir issue is not resolved fairly, it will seriously affect regional stability and world peace.
Cheng pointed out that the UN Secretary-General (SG) Antonio Guterres on Friday last called on both India and Pakistan to come together and seriously discuss their problems, stemming from the unresolved Kashmir dispute and also offered his good offices for mediation. Antonio Guterres emphasized that there is no “military solution” to the decades-old conflict.

Earlier on Tuesday last, the former Chinese ambassador said that Indian media has played a very negative role in Sino-Indian relations. Some Indian media have increasingly lost their independence and objectivity, just like a propaganda machine controlled by the politicians and national extremism. The reason why China has taken countermeasures against India is that India has gone too far on the border issue in recent years, India has gone too far not only with China, but also with Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.—KMS

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