Former Afghan security forces in Afghanistan report challenges


On the one-celebrated Afghan Armed Forces Day on Monday, several former security force members of the previous republic government said they are struggling with severe economic challenges.

Afghan Armed Forces Day was previously celebrated annually across Afghanistan on Hot 9, (solar calendar), but the day has been ignored this year.

The former security forces urged the Islamic Emirate to assist them as they face a difficult situation. Reza, 32, is one of thousands of Afghan soldiers who lost jobs and have faced economic challenges since the collapse of the republic government in August.

Reza served eight years for the former Afghan government. “We have always feared how they would treat the former security and military forces of the previous government,” Reza told TOLO news. He asked the Islamic Emirate-led government to use the knowledge of the former forces who have not fled the country. “I ask the Islamic Emirate to recruit professional people–they should be retained by the country,” said Reza.

The day of Armed Forces was celebrated in past years to honor the service and sacrifice of members of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). “The Islamic Emirate should hug the former security and defense forces including police and army soldiers,” said Abdul Wahed Taqat, military expert.

Afghanistan had about 352,000 security and defense forces, according to estimates, which broke up with the fall of the republic government.—Tolo News


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