Foreigners assured of their safety in Afghanistan



The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has assured foreigners that they will be safe in the country.

This comes a day after China’s foreign ministry asked its citizens in Afghanistan to leave the country “as soon as possible”, following an attack on a hotel in Kabul that left five Chinese nationals wounded.

China also called on the IEA to take strong and resolute measures to ensure the security of Chinese nationals, institutions and projects in Afghanistan.

“The foreign ministry of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan fully assures foreign nationals all over the country, including diplomats, tourists and employees of organizations, that they will be safe and the enemy cannot harm them,” said Ahmad Zia Takal, deputy spokesman of the foreign ministry.

Monday’s attack on a hotel in Shahr-e Now area of Kabul was claimed by Daesh.

The United States also condemned the attack.

“We continue to call on the Taliban (IEA) to live up to the commitments that they have made to the international community, to the United States bilaterally in some cases, but most importantly to the commitments that they have to their own people. And one of those commitments is to provide a society that is free from this sort of terrorist violence,” said Ned Price, a spokesperson for US State Department.—Ariana news