Foreign medical graduates protest PMC’s blacklisting of universities Two doctors arrested


Staff Reporter

A group of foreign medical graduates surrounded the Pakistan Medical Commission in Islamabad on Wednesday after a number of foreign universities were blacklisted by the medical authority.
“The future of foreign qualified medical students is at stake because of the decisions being made by the PMC,” said one protester at the venue.
The protesters said they fail to understand why these universities have been blacklisted despite being verified by the World Health Organisation.
Foreign medical graduates, holding placards, shouted slogans during the protest against the policies of Pakistan Medical Commission outside the PMC building in Islamabad.
The flow of traffic on nearby roads was disrupted due to the protest, which escalated as the day progressed. The protesters hurled stones at the police after which water cannons were used to disperse them.
The police also arrested two doctors who were among the protesters. The Srinagar Highway was completely closed off due to the protest.

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