Foreign exchange



BEIJING Pakistan cultural sector carries rich potential to earn foreign exchange, says a report carried by China Economic Net (CEN) on Wednesday. The CEN quoting its special commentator, Cheng Xizhong stated that cultural creativity is the tide of economic and cultural development nowadays. Recently, China’s cultural creativity has developed rapidly. Pakistan may learn from China. China and Pakistan could have cooperation in this respect. According to the report, Li Wenyu, a postgraduate in the School of Arts of Suzhou University, works for the cooperation of China-Pak cultural creativity sectors. She is very fond of cultural creativity. In 2016, she was invited to Pakistan to have in-depth exchanges on the creative development of handicrafts with Pakistani characteristics. Later, Li sets up an organization to showcase Chinese culture and Pakistani handicrafts. It is believed that cooperation in cultural creativity industry can become a new field of cultural exchanges and economic cooperation between China and Pakistan. It can also further enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples. At present, the cooperation between China and Pakistan in this field has just started.

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