Defending Formula 1 champions Red Bull are expected to announce a newly forged partnership with American manufacturing giants Ford during their car launch in New York.

The deal between the two comes on the heels of Porche’s failed bid to join Red Bull as a 50/50 partner while a budding collaboration between established teams and manufacturers continues to increase.

Audi will join the grid with Sauber in 2026 and more recently Ford’s rival General Motors is also vying for a position alongside Andretti Global.

It is unclear at this stage whether Ford would join the champions as a power unit supplier or follow Porche’s blueprint.

Red Bull and Ford have quite a history together already.

Their last foray into F1 was back in 2004 when the Cosworth CR-6 powered Jaguar’s R5 before the team officially became Red Bull one year later.

With the meteoric rise of F1 in America, the country’s manufacturers are willing to pay a pretty penny to get into the extremely hermetic world of racing’s biggest tier.

The USA alone will host three races this year making the sport an extremely important market which has managed to pull Ford bring back into the fold.

Red Bull, meanwhile, has gone on to become one of the most successful teams in the recent era from their humble beginnings and likely holds all the cards when it comes to their re-association.