Food, life drugs shortage increasing lives’ risks in IHK



National Humanitarian Network (NHN) deplored the protracted humanitarian crisis in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) due to prolonged lockdown making people extremely vulnerable to different diseases, life-threatening conditions, and other multiple health risks.
NHN (being a network of 140 national humanitarian organizations) in its meeting took notice of the serious humanitarian situation in IOK due to prolonged lockdown for more than 8 weeks, complete information black-out and persistent refusal of Indian Government for any independent inquiry or access to humanitarian organizations to the occupied valley, a press release said.
The NHN meeting members said they had strong reasons to believe that more than eight million people were forced to live in extremely hazardous conditions under state-entrenched oppression. ‘This situation cannot continue too long and must end forthwith to avoid any further deterioration of humanitarian catastrophe facing millions people especially most vulnerable including women, children, persons with disabilities, aged and other health-risk people,’ they added.
NHN membership was of the view that food, medicines, health aides and life support drugs were in short supply or inaccessible to people hence increasing risks to human lives. Unfortunately, Indian government was not paying attention to such international calls and appeals hence increasing risk for local population. This is indeed deplorable and world community must intervene instead of being silent spectator.
NHN therefore demanded Indian government to immediately lift curfew and restore normal human lives in IOK providing access to food supplies, health care, humanitarian assistance and other life-saving support. It also demanded that local population should be provided immediate access to healthcare, nutritional services and other essentials of life, adding, India should allow humanitarian organizations including International Committee for Red Cross, United Nations.—KMS

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