Food department fails to achieve wheat purchasing target


Food department of both Thatta and Sujawal district have badly failed to establish more procurement centers and purchase wheat target from growers.

The department has merely established 7 procurement centres in both of districts so far to purchase wheat from the growers but has not achieved yet the target, which will result the wheat will go in hands of more chargers and hoarders. The food department has to purchase 171000 bags each of weight 100 kg but has merely purchased 10 thousand bags so far instead of achieving target. The government has fixed the rate of the wheat 2200.

Meanwhile the hoarders have started to purchase the wheat by 2300, 2400,2500 as per forty Kg against fixed rate of government.

People of the area including Ismail Memon, Mansoor Jalalani and others have expressed their concern over the delay in wheat purchase by food department.

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