FM wants to raise money globally by posing with children: Zaidi



President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh and former federal minister Ali Zaidi has said that what is being done to Karachi has been seen by all. We wrote a letter to the Election Commission asking them to conduct the election. On our request, the Election Commission announced to hold the election on January 15. After the release of the schedule, a sworn worker was appointed as administrator on December 9, In Korangi and other districts also the sworn administrator was appointed. If such people are to be arrested, it is the fault of Uzair Baloch, he should also be installed as an administrator of Lyari. He expressed these views while talking to the media outside the Sindh High Court. PTI Karachi President Bilal Ghaffar, PTI Leader Shahab Imam, General Secretary Hyderabad Muhammad Hakim and other leaders were also present with him on this occasion.

Ali Zaidi added that we all remember who used to say what to whom. You guys used to tell the truth about each other or are telling the truth now. Relations are being settled in the Governor’s House and Bilawal House, tell me how much Haq Mehr has been settled.

Ali Zaidi further said that 800,000 tons of wheat disappeared from Sindh, 800,000 tons of wheat means one and a half billion dollars. After eating one and a half billion dollars’ worth of wheat, they reached to get six hundred million dollars from the IMF. When he was asked about the wheat, he said that the rats had eaten it, all saw that they were two-legged rats.

He said that now his intern foreign minister photographed in school with children in Larkana. Bilawal Bhutto was smiling in the picture while children were deprived of school uniform, school bags and even slippers on their feet. It was very sad to see this. They want to make money on the world level by making pictures, while they have no idea about the plight of Sindh. He further said that People’s Party is no more, it was martyred along with Benazir Bhutto.