FM Muttaqi meets deputy pm, fm, other officials of Turkmen


Acting Foreign Minister Mawlavi Amir khan Mut-taqi met his counterparts Mr.Rashid Murdadov Deputy foreign minister and other Turkmen officials in an official visits to Ashgabat capital of Turk-menistan.

The meeting focused on bilateral political, diplo-matic, economic relations, security cooperation and early launch of TAPI, growth in trade and private sector activities, increased exports of marble, fresh and dried fruit and especially the completion of railway projects in Aqina-Turghandi and investment on Wind Power.

In the meeting both sides agreed on establishing a transit route between Central and South Asia through Afghanistan and to transport liquefied natu-ral gas, minerals, food and other commercial deal through this route.

Both countries’ official as well agreed that a techni-cal team meeting’ would be held in Kabul on Janu-ary 22 that will focus on electricity, TAPI project and extension of railway would be inaugurated and commenced in March 2022.

It is mentionable, in this meeting Turkmen side pledged to allow dozens of students stuck in Kabul due of COVID -19 to gradually travel to Turkmeni-stan in early March and it was agreed that Turk-menistan would award Afghan students with educa-tional scholarships in oil, gas, railway and other technical field. —BNA


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