Flour prices hiked up to Rs 6 per kg in Karachi

Staff Reporter

The flour price has increased by Rs 6 to Rs 59 per kg in Karachi. According to market sources, the ex-mill price of flour has gone up from Rs 53 to Rs 59 per kg, the wholesale price of chakki flour has gone up from Rs 68 to Rs 70 per kg.

In retail, mill flour is being sold at Rs 65 while chakki flour at Rs 75 per kg. In the open market, the price of wheat has increased from Rs 48 to Rs 54 per kg.

According to sources, wheat is not being supplied in Karachi due to restrictions imposed by the Sindh Food Department on the transportation of wheat, due to which the rate of wheat in the open market has increased from Rs 48 to Rs 54 per kg.

Millers said that the rising wheat prices have caused an increase in the flour price.

People said that despite an abundance of wheat, increase in flour price is a clear proof of poor performance of the food department.

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