Flour mills announce to call off strike


After the successful dialogues with the food department, the flour mills association announced to end the strike.

The association’s chairman said that the Sindh government announced to reopen the six sealed flour mills, whereas, another round of talks will be held on the flour prices.The government took a stand to fix the price of wheat at Rs85 and flour at Rs105 per kilogram. The flour mill owners agreed on reducing the flour prices from Saturday.

It is important to mention here that flour at the government rates is not available in the metropolis, whereas, the chakki flour is being sold at Rs160 per kg, whereas, another category at Rs130 per kg.

Earlier, the flour mills association announced to observe strike for an indefinite period and declared the government responsible for an expected flour shortage in the metropolis.The association’s spokesperson said in a statement that six flour mills were ‘illegally’ sealed by the authorities in Karachi and Nawabshah yesterday. The association demanded the government to reopen the floor mills and the provision of cheap and standard wheat.
The owners announced to close flour mills across Sindh until their demands are met.