Flour crisis intensifies in Wana

Adam Khan Wazir

In District Lower South Waziristan head-quarter Wana severe crisis has arisen due to the ban on the delivery of flour as 80 kg bags of flour being sold at Rs. 13000. In this regard, Awami National Party senior leader Ayaz Wazir told the media that the government has stopped the quota of cheap flour in Wana.

On the other hand, the Punjab government has imposed a ban on the delivery of flour in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, due to which in the district of Lower South Waziristan is facing sever flour shortage. He said that due to a shortage of flour, citizens in Wana have been forced to buy flour at high prices.

Ayaz Wazir further said that due to severe inflation and unemployment in the country, the people are already suffering from a painful situation, While now the federal government is forcing people to buy things at expensive prices by creating artificial scarcity of other food items including flour, sugar, dal and ghee day by day.

However, the poor people are facing severe difficulties due to lack of purchasing power for these items. Ayaz Wazir said that the federal government should immediately eliminate the obstacles in the delivery of flour, sugar and other food items in the district of Lower South Waziristan and relieve the people of the difficulties.