Flag hoisting ceremony held at Nazaria-i-Pakistan Council


A flag hoisting ceremony was held at Nazaria-i-Pakistan Council here on Sunday to commemorate Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day.

Chairman Nazaria-i-Pakistan Council Mian Mohammad Javed performed the flag hoisting ceremony along with Executive Director NPC and Editor in chief Pakistan Observer Faisal Zahid Malik.

Speaking on the occasion, Mian Mohammad Javed said that creation of Pakistan was good sign for the oppressed Muslim countries of the world. He said that the independence of media in Pakistan is a big strength, though we all have some reservation over it.

However, if the media give some little coverage to ideology of Pakistan, the country would get a lot of development. He stressed for hard work to put the country on path of the progress and development.

Speaking on the occasion Executive Director NPC and Editor in chief Pakistan Observer Faisal Zahid Malik stressed young generation for commitment and hard work to put country on path of development.

He also asked for inculcating Pakistan ideology to young generation so that they may well aware about the sacrificed rendered by elders and leaders for the creation of Pakistan.

He said that we are thankful to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Muhammad Iqbal and other leaders for their efforts and sacrifices that today we are breathing in a free country. He added that for the stability and development of Pakistan, each of us has to do our part.

Faisal Zahif Malik further said that today we should renew our commitment to this land, let us all pledge that we must work hard to make Pakistan safe, developed and prosperous, pay special attention to education and accomplish things that make Pakistan able to stand in a prominent position in the world.

President Positive Pakistan Omar Raza said that Nazaria-i-Pakistan Council was playing active role in promoting positive image of Pakistan.

The participants offered collective prayers for the stability and development of Pakistan. Aziz A Memon Executive Director NPC, Anjum Khaleq Director Media, Ishrat Masoon Director Program and large number of students and female participated the flag hoisting ceremony.


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