Fishermen’s Cooperative Society elections to be held on June 18, 2022

City Reporter

Director General Culture Sindh and Fishermen’s Cooperative Society Election Officer Abdul Aleem Lashari has announced to hold Fishermen’s Cooperative Society elections on June 18.

An important meeting was held at Karachi Fish Harbor on Wednesday. The meeting discussed about holding the election of Fishermen’s Cooperative Society as soon as possible. If the election is held before June, the fishermen who are fishing in the ocean will lose their right to vote.

Since fishing is banned in the month of June, any fish in the month of June. If not, the fishermen will be able to exercise their voting right in June.

The month of June is very auspicious for elections. Director General Culture, Sindh and Fishermen’s Cooperative Society, Election Officer Agreeing unanimously, it was unanimously decided to hold the election of Fishermen’s Cooperative Society on Friday 18th June.

Complete your preparations and inform all the fishermen about the conduct of elections on June 18 through media, social media and other means. So that all the members fishermen can exercise their right to vote. The elected representatives of the peasants could take over the reins of the Fishermen’s Operative Society.

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