Fishermen in Malawi resume fishing after sudden break

Mangochi, Malawi

Malawian fishermen have started returning to Lake Malawi for fishing after a few days break due to the presence of greener water in the lake which ecological experts described as toxic.

According to the Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources Nancy Tembo, the development was due to persistent south-easterly winds accompanied by low water temperatures in this season which induced mixing of nutrient-rich bottom water resulting in the water becoming eutrophic.

The minister also told local media that the greening of the lake water was caused by the phytoplankton bloom of the cyanobacteria which can lead to health complications if consumed in large quantities.

The development caused a number of concerns among Malawians since the situation was unusual to many.

The fisheries department also warned fishermen against fishing on the lake citing that it was harmful.—Xinhua

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