First rain-spell of the year 2022 brings relief for allergy patients, subsides smog


The first rain-spell of the year 2022 continued across the country intermittently for the second consecutive day providing much needed relief to the citizens from the seasonal illnesses besides subsiding the prevailing smoggy conditions which caused hindrance for travelers as well as benefiting the wheat crop.

The intermittent rain spell started Monday evening, continued till Tuesday significantly decreasing the temperatures. It provided the citizens with an opportunity to enjoy winter delights while staying back in the warmth of their homes.

The cold weather has also increased the sale of winter delights including chicken corn soup, doodh jalebi, gajar ka halwa, Kashmiri tea, samosas, fritters, fried fish and dry fruits etc. For Murad Ali, a resident of G-9 sector, gajar ka halwa is most loved seasonal delight in his family. “I use to buy this almost twice a week as it is difficult to prepare it at home owing to the low gas pressure”.

The sale of second hand clothes has also registered an increase especially after this rain-spell due to the price hike and the limited purchasing capacity of people. “Although the long-awaited rain-spell is of moderate intensity in most parts of the country but still it has helped cleared the smog that engulfed various parts, reducing miseries of the citizens”, said Asima Kamran, a working woman.

Smoggy conditions in the plains of Punjab due to lack of rain was posing serious health risks to the citizens and inconvenience to the commuters especially on motorways leading to different cities of Punjab province.

While this rain-spell was a sigh of relief for the citizens who were suffering from different ailments and allergies due to dusty and polluted atmosphere and especially for the travelers facing zero visibility on highways and motorways.

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