Firefighters extinguish two fire incidents in Northern Afghanistan



The Taliban government’s local officials in the province of Kunduz, in northern Afghanistan, said that the Taliban firefighters had put out two fire incidents in the province.

The first fire in the province of Kunduz occurred in a coal warehouse, where it proved difficult to put out the coal fire.

Hafiz Abdullah Abedi, the spokesperson for the Taliban police in Kunduz province, stated that the second fire incident was in a residential house.

The brave firefighters who put out the fire were praised by the locals for their timely action and emergency response, according to sources.

Previously, a woodworking market caught fire in the northeastern Afghan province of Takhar, in the provincial capital, Taleqan. According to reports, a short circuit started the fire in Taleqan’s woodworking workshops, which destroyed 20 wood shops to ashes. Although the precise extent of the damage is unknown, the business owners were said to have suffered significant financial losses as a result of the fire.—Khaama News Agency


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