FIA starts probe against Special Assistant to PM on smuggling charges


Amraiz Khan


At the time when Pakistan is under attack of Corona virus FIA has started an inquiry against Dr. Zafar Mirza Special Assistant to Prime Minister on his alleged involvement in smuggling of 20 million face masks to a neighboring country.
As per documents available with Pakistan Observer masks were smuggled with the active connivance of senior officers of Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP).
A letter issued by office of the Additional Director General (North) FIA speaks, “20 million face masks were smuggled out of Pakistan by the aid of Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Deputy Director DRAP, Dr. Zafar Mirza, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on the complaint of Pakistan Young Pharmacists Association (PYPA)”.
The letter further added, application against above said officers and other DRAP officers bearing FIA complaint Cell No-1637 and complaint cell ADG (N) Dairy No-1198 for immediate necessary action and report to the office concerned within 15 days positively.
It is worth mentioning here that PYPA brought the mater into the notice of Prime Minister of Pakistan and authorities concerned on February 07, this year about the illegal export of masks to out of Pakistan. It was pointed out in the complaint that above mentioned officers were involved in the smuggling of masks despite the fact that DRAP has itself banned the export of masks to anywhere out of country on January 30, 2020. The export was made in violation of DRAP orders of not export of the masks since in the country there was dire need of masks after attack of Corona.
When the matter was put in the notice of Asim Rao the acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) DRAP, he flatly refused about the happening of any such incident and said that strict action would be taken if anyone was found involved in smuggling. He demanded proof of the smuggling of masks on which PYPA office bearers provided him permits issued from his office and customs documents as proof of smuggling. Then he said that those permits were issued on the request of an ambassador of the country concerned.
PYPA office bearers in their application said that Corona Virus has attacked Pakistan. Our cops (Police, FIA, IB, ASF, ANF etc), hospital staff (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, para medical staff etc) and teachers (school teachers, college professors, university professors etc) are not having face masks and protections against corona virus and they are not given any trainings, how to protect themselves from corona virus and help others. Ministry of National Health Services has made a helpline 1166, which is useless and aide to deceive Prime Minister and Nation at large.
There is acute shortage of face masks and protections in Pakistan, whereby all face masks and protections were re-export to China with aide of DRAP officials at exorbitant prices. It is most humbly prayed that provide immediately face masks, protections and trainings to all cops, hospital staff (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, para medical staff etc) and teachers (school teachers, college professors, university professors etc) to save themselves from corona virus and help others. PYPA claimed that due to smuggling of the mask its price was all of sudden increased from Rs. 5 to more than Rs. 100. Those officers involved in this illegal business earned around Rs. 2 billions approximately. They also claimed that DRAP officers and Dr. Mirza were trying their best to stop FIA probe after influencing the process.
When this scribe contacted CEO DRAP Asim Rao and Ghazanfar Ali Khan to know their view point over the issue their cell remained unattended despite repeated efforts. A text message was also left on the cell number of CEO DRAP but to no avail.

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