FIA seizes 100 bank accounts of sugar mafia


23 names of Satta Mafia unveiled

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The Federal Investigation Agency has seized bank accounts of 40 key figures of the sugar mafia, reports saiid on Saturday.

The FIA had formed 20 teams to launch a massive crackdown against the sugar cartel, earlier this week.

As per sources, more than 100 fake and benami bank accounts of the sugar mafia have been seized.

The FIA has launched an investigation against the sugar cartel over fraud of Rs110 billion, last year. The mafia earned the money through satta on the sugar.

Earlier this week, the FIA had registered at least two money laundering cases against the sugar cartel.

According to sources, the cases had been registered against 10 major brokers of the commodity, including Abid Ali Malik and Khurram Shahzad.

The suspects were involved in creating an artificial shortage of sugar and raising the price of the commodity in the country, the sources had said, adding that Khurram Shahzad’s eight fake bank accounts were detected during an inquiry.

The bank accounts were reportedly used to conceal the money earned through satta.

Meanwhile, the Federal Investigation Agency Lahore chapter has informed the FIA Karachi about 23 persons involved in sugar satta scam in the port city.

In a letter to FIA chapter in Karachi, the FIA Lahore has highlighted the role of sugar satta mafia in illegally inflated price of sugar across the country.

“We have substantial evidence that the sugar mafia has illegally enhanced the price of the commodity,” the letter read.

“In the ongoing month of March over 20 rupees per KG has been increased illegally,” according to the letter.

“With illegal increase of price, the public has been deprived of 110 billion rupees,” the FIA Lahore said.

Those involved in the illegal business, have been named as Danish, Furqan Baba, Khemchand Denani, Devidas Hyderabad, Jay Kumar, Javed Thara, Haji Zameer, Hareesh Kumar, Mahesh Kumar, Vishal Kalara, Rohit Chunni Lal, Satiapal Kalara, Santosh Kumar, Raja Chunni Lal, Jyuti Prakash, Pavan Siblani, Dayaldas, Prem Kumar, Dileep Devnani, Devdas, Ravi Koreja, Nanak Ram Denani, Roshan Lal and Mangal Ram aka Jugal Kishore.

“All 23 persons have been affiliated with Pakistan Sugar Group, Sugar Merchants and Sugar Traders Group,” the FIA Lahore said in the letter.

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