FGEI DG emphasizes promoting IT culture


Staff Reporter

Director General, Federal Government Educational Institutions, Cantts and Garrison Directorate, Major General Muhammad Asghar emphasized to promote IT culture at all tiers and directed to encourage faculty for E-learning.
Moreover, there is a dire need for the professional improvement of administrative and NTS of FGEIs. In this regard, Ministry of Information, Technology & Telecom through www.digiskills.pk has offered number of online courses.
The relevant course in which teaching faculty and Non Teaching Staff can be enrolled are Digital Literacy, Creative Writing and Search Engine Optimization.
DiGI-SKILLS It is a project executed by Virtual University of Pakistan (VU). Purpose of Digi-skills program is to equip the 1 million professionals/ youth/ students with technological skills. Digi-skills offers 10 programs which are totally free of cost. These courses are not age/ time/ qualification restricted. Language proficiency is not the issue in the Digi-skills program as these courses are taught in English/ Urdu medium.
Participant only need to have a computer and a stable internet connection. Participants have to register by just signing up on www.digiskills.pk. After the completion of course, participants will be awarded e-certificate. After fulfilling the course completion criteria (50% score).
Digi-skills e-certificate will be issued by VU, Pakistan. Participant can register in 2 programs at a time. The first course will be ‘Freelancing’ and second can be selected by the participants