Female students in 12th grade to advance via exams



The department of education in Nangahar province said that female students of grade 12 will be advanced and will graduate after taking examinations.

This comes amid earlier reports that the Education Ministry was planning to hold exams for female students in Grade 12 to directly advance them to graduation.

A spokesman of the education department in Nangahar said that the exam will have 140 questions from all subjects, and will take three hours.

“It includes those girls who are in the 12th grade, the one whose name is written in attendance, those sisters who were excluded last year,” said Farhad Ahmad Stanikzai, a spokesman of the education department in Nangarhar.

Students said they are happy about this decision, but said that because of the closing of schools for girls above grade 6, they have not been to school for 16 months, and they are not prepared for the exam.

“We didn’t read the 12th grade books, so we can’t take the exam,” said Fawzia, a 12th grade student.

“We are happy that they will test us so that we can improve,” said Roya, a 12 grade student.

Meanwhile, Nargis, who is in grade 11, said that they have to reopen schools’ doors.

“I didn’t study enough because we didn’t go to school for two years,” said Mariya, a 12 grade student.

“Let us study and then advance us, because we didn’t learn anything,” said Yalda, a student.

“We wish that the ruling party will be honest with Afghanistan and put an end to the expectations of Afghan citizens, families, and female students above the sixth grade and open the gates of girls’ schools,” said Maryam Arvin, a women’s right activist.

This exam will take one day, scheduled for 16 Qaws (month).—Tolonews