Female legislators condemn killing of Noor, child abuse


Seek exemplary punishment for killer and quick decision in all such cases

Ijaz Kakakhel

Female parliamentarians belonging to treasury and opposition parties have united for justice to Noor Muqaddam and other victims of rape and murder in the National Assembly’s Friday Session.

Setting aside the routine agenda, the female legislators strongly condemned the rising trend of rape of minor, sexual abuses, killing and slaughtering of female across the country.

Even if females in federal capital of Pakistan were not safe, then what would be the situation of rest of the country, they maintained.

It was regrettable that in center of Islamabad, a female, Noor Mukadam was slaughtered brutally.

Despite of arresting the culprits and its associates but the case lingering on, the parliamentarians regretted.

Though several laws were exists and more in process but the violence against women and sexual abuses of children could not stop in Pakistan.

They said that female were insecure in Pakistan and their frighten were on rise with frequent occurrence of such cases.

The parliamentarians were of the view that laws exists but the real problems were its implementations. The country could not be develop where 52 percent of female population were insecure.

Zili Huma was of the view that Peshawar High Court free a Professor involved in female harassment cases, which was regrettable. She also claimed that several female students give statement against the professor.

Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul said for the first time, the government is becoming plaintiff in murder and rape cases against women and children.

She said Islamabad Police have established a gender protection unit and anyone can call on 8090 for help against women harassment and child abuse.

She said all culprits in Noor Mukadam case were arrested and state was perusing the case. She said the whole house was united against such inhuman cases.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazhari said no justification was acceptable for torture and violence against women.

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