Female computer teachers in FDE schools await salaries for past 11 months

Zubair Qureshi

Some 202 female computer teachers have been working in various schools and colleges of the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) without salaries for the past 11 months. The disturbing case of these lady teachers has surfaced recently when a few of them tried to approach Minister for Education Rana Tanveer to draw his attention towards this issue and plead with him to get the matter resolved. However, their matter stands unresolved till today and they are forced to work with dedication but without salaries.

According to details, computer labs were built in around 200 schools and colleges of the federal capital in 2017 and these computer teachers, lady teachers mainly, were hired in 2018 for 3 years contract with 1-year extension provision. It was basically a project of the Ministry of Information Technology (IT) in collaboration with Universal Service Fund (USF) and FDE. These teachers were inducted in a fair and transparent manner after giving advertisements, tests, and interviews, etc.

However, after the completion of the ICT project on Jan 20, 2022 in pursuance of administrative approval, letters were issued under the title “Sustainability of Computer Labs established by the USF along with retention of 202 computer Teachers in Schools/colleges of FDE.”FDE’s P&D department had issued those letters with the order of the Ministry of Education for a new three-year contract starting from February 2022 on a yearly basis.

For this, a budget was also approved by the Finance Ministry which was given to AGPR in August 2022.