Felicitations to King Charles III



In a historic ceremony seen by millions of people across the globe on their television and mobile phone screens, King Charles III was anointed and officially crowned on Saturday in what is being dubbed as Britain’s biggest event of seven decades, a sumptuous display of pageantry dating back one thousand years. Indeed this is a moment of festivity for British people and on this auspicious occasion we offer our best wishes and felicitations to them and their new King and Queen to be successful in their new roles and play a more meaningful and positive role in world affairs.

King Charles III already brings with him a lifetime of public service to Buckingham Palace. In fact he has remained the longest serving heir apparent in the history of British monarchy. The world already has a very clear picture of him. He has championed causes that have later become mainstream, from preservation of indigenous languages to addressing youth unemployment. Apart from his charitable services, his lifelong interest in environment has garnered the most attention, including his increasingly strong advocacy for world governments to address climate change. How much importance the new King gives to environment can be gauged from the fact that his estates are fitted with solar panels and he drives either electric cars or vehicles fuelled mostly by ethanol. He has also promoted organic farming, launching an organics brand, Duchy Love, in 1990.

Since climate change has emerged as the most pressing challenge faced by the humanity today, we are confident that King Charles III will now be more forthcoming on this matter and while using his good offices will impress upon biggest polluters to fulfil their responsibilities and commitments regarding the protection of planet earth. He in fact will always be remembered in history if he manages to achieve successes in this regard. At the same time, we expect him to be speaking overtly regarding the oppressed people especially those in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine as when he will be doing so, he will be heard and the world has to take notice of it.