Felicitation to Zhao


People of Pakistan never forget their true friends. This is the reason that when news of the appointment of Lijian Zhao as the new spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry came on the media, our people were quick to take to the social media to congratulate and welcome his appointment.
Zhao has earlier served as the Deputy Chief of Mission in Pakistan and it was his extraordinary work during this period that he earned many admirers and friends in Pakistan. It will not be wrong to say that it was during his tenure in Pakistan that the bonds of friendship between Pakistan and China further strengthened and touched new heights in diverse fields. He proved to be a true friend of Pakistan and the way he came openly in defence of the CPEC when certain elements used to kick dust on it is still fresh in our minds. In fact he was always ahead of Pakistani officials to counter the negative propaganda against the corridor project. In his debut press briefing as the spokesperson, he also did not forget Pakistan but wholeheartedly expressed his love and feelings for the country, making it abundantly clear once again that this affection and amity is common and mutual and nothing can come in between them. His appointment as the spokesperson has also come at a very critical time when China is faced with challenge of Corona-virus but we have no doubt in saying that he is a diplomat par excellence and has the ability and capability to effectively present Chinese viewpoint and defend his country’s policies on all important issues in a very articulate and eloquent manner. He, in fact, is the person who set new trends in public diplomacy and made his presence felt through active diplomacy. Undoubtedly, his work focusing greater engagement and cooperation has honoured the great traditions of China’s diplomacy. As a well-wisher, this Paper also felicitates Zhao over his new appointment and we are confident that with his extraordinary skills and diplomacy he will earn laurels and register more successes in his new assignment.