‘FEF making difference for malnourished’


Pakistan has a global acute malnutrition (GAM) rate of almost 18 percent, exceeding the emergency threshold which is less than 10 percent.

To address this, the NGO Fortified Education Foundation (FEF) has embarked on a journey to not just feed the malnourished but feed them mindfully with certified nutritionists on-board who devise nutritious recipes to nourish the children providing them with the necessary nutrients they need to grow healthy.

Plaguing Pakistan at an alarming rate, the most affected lot remains school-going children aged between 5-15. A recent study in Karachi’s urban slums found that the frequency of malnutrition among this category was found to be: 38.3% (stunting), 28.5% (wasting), 17.5% (underweight).

Another study from Islamabad showed similar results, the numbers of malnourished children are startling and cause weakness, weight loss, impaired thinking, and a compromised immune system stunting their growth.

Currently, the NGO feeds about 350-400 children daily trying to make a difference in their lives, staying true to its name, Fortified Education Foundation, that aims to fortify the coming generations.

The NGO is committed to amplify their efforts all across Karachi after starting off from Orangi Town, and it makes sense that we all come together and support them to tackle this rapidly growing malnutrition crisis in the country.

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