Federal govt pushed country on verge of bankruptcy: Musarat


“Pakistan is on the verge of bankruptcy. However, no international body considers PML-N leader Ishaq Dar reliable and is not ready to help us. Currently, Pakistan is facing the problem of survival and elections are the only solution to this situation.

This was said by Chief Minister and Punjab Government Spokesperson Musarat Jamshed Cheema in a statement issued on Friday. She regretted that the foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan have remained at less than 5.6 billion dollars.

The defense minister is shamelessly coming on to the media and saying that the country will be plunged into darkness. This Sialkot-based mountebank first won the election by rigging and now his mental balance is also disturbed, she said. Musarat Cheema regretted that the defense minister has not been able to defend the economic policies of his puppet regime. Kh Asif’s statement about the non-availability of foreign exchange for the import of petroleum is a matter of concern, while the statement of plunging the country into darkness shows the non-seriousness of the federal government, she noted and added that the federal ministers should tell the people their solutions instead of telling them the problems. Closure of factories and markets will lead to economic genocide of the people, while all the wealth of these robbers is in dollars, so it will not matter to them.

She asserted that the benefit of the country lies in removing the PDM cabal from power corridors and taking back all the looted wealth from them.

When all the thieves including PDM are punished, investors’ confidence will also be restored, she said. PDM cabal has brought the country from the path of development to the brink of the worst economic disasters, she added and mentioned that after the no-confidence motion, foreign exchange reserves fell by 170%.