Federal Education Ministry taking steps to improve education standards


Ministry for Education and Professional Training under the directions of Federal Education Minister Rana Tanveer Hussain was taking numerous steps for improving literacy rate is ICT Schools and standards of education in the country.

According to the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training on Saturday, Federal Education minister has directed that the students had returned from China in the middle of their studies after the Covid-19 outbreak some two years ago,since then they were unable to rejoin their educational institutes in China due to certain issues.

The minister reiterated that education was the highest priority of the present government and assured the students of resolving their problems on immediate basis and that they would be assisted in every possible way.

The Education Minister while considering the significance of the uniform curriculum, agreed for calling a National Curriculum Summit, wherein, all stakeholders and curriculum experts across the country from public/private sector would participate to give their input for review and wider consensus building on the matter. The entire curriculum required a paradigm shift from learning based on memorization to leaning based on critical thinking and group learning.

Education ministry will prepare a PC-1 for state-of-the-art Teachers Training Centre, equipped with latest facilities and fulfilling all requirements of public and private sector for training purposes. However, a nationwide assessment system at Federal level to evaluate the outcomes of educational policies implementation across the country was need of the hour.

The minister directed to make Islamabad Capital Territory schools role model for the rest of the country. The literacy rate in Islamabad will be increased till hundred percent. In that regard, DG FDE has been directed to ensure the provision of missing facilities particularly for girls’ schools.The process of recruitment of teachers particularly in rural areas had been speed up.