Federal Cabinet members travel in KCR from City Station to Orangi

Staff Reporter

Federal Minister for Privatization Mr. Muhammadmian Soomro and Adviser to the Prime Minister on Reforms Dr Ishrat Hussain travelled from CR2 Down train under KCR service from City Station to Orangi Station on Sunday.

DS Railways Karachi Mohammad Hanif Gul received them at City Station and accompanied them on the journey along with PDK CR Amir Mohammad Daudpota and Divisional Officers.

The Cabinet members took a detailed look at the railway facilities from the city to Orangi station, especially the retrieved land. They asked about the daily income and expenses of the restored KCR service which was briefed by Hanif Gul.

The Cabinet members commended the railway officers and employees for restoring the 14 km track from the city to Orangi and said that by working with the same diligence, the remaining 16 km loop line from Orangi to Drug Road would also be restored.

On this occasion, Dr. Ishrat Hussain said that the federal government wanted to provide the best service to the people through railways so that the confidence of the people in railways is further strengthened.

He also assured full support of the Federal Government to Pakistan Railways and Sindh Government to run KCR as per the needs of the people of Karachi.

The Cabinet members visited the track from Orangi to Drug Road also, especially the Green Line area and took details of all the obstacles in its rehabilitation. Amir Mohammad Dawood Puta, CR of PDK, also briefed them about the construction of flyovers and underpasses. Prior to the trip to KCR, the cabinet members also visited City Station and took note of facilities there.